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About Us


At HLB, we are honoured to have the privilege to represent our clients from all walks of life. Nothing is better than bringing joy and love to people around.

Our team at HLB always puts in our best thought and efforts to meet the expectation of our clients. We absolutely enjoy bringing their visions to life. From sourcing the best ingredients to ensuring the happiest presentation, be assured that each and every order is prepared with joy and delivered in love.
HLB promises to journey with you and your dear ones through the many occasions and seasons in life. Be it a wedding or a promotion dinner, or over the Christmas holidays or the Lunar New year gatherings. HLB brings and multiplies joy and love anywhere, anytime.
Our products are specially curated for the adorable toddlers to the senior folks, for the sweet-tooth teens to the calories-conscious office colleagues, for the full-month baby to the large corporate events.
Love and joy comes in many ways. Let HLB be the way for you.

Created only to cheer up our loved ones who were isolated during Covid period, HLB has been well-loved by many and expanded tremendously since then. We are extremely thankful for each and every client that we have met along the way. We will continue to serve you at our best and uphold our belief:
Happy food
Happy hearts
Happy you

May you taste and feel the joy and love in everything we do.